Relapse – a tool for recovery?

I want to preface this post by saying not all experiences are similar, and sometimes the generalizations made don’t apply to all individual circumstances. With that said – I want to disclose that yesterday I relapsed. I watched pornography and lusted through masturbation. It’s terrifying to admit this – to air my dirty laundry. AlsoContinue reading “Relapse – a tool for recovery?”

1 Thing You Can do to Finally Beat Pornography

Most think combating porn = trying harder, praying harder, working harder. I’m here to tell you – this won’t work. If you’ve tried this before and failed – you know how discouraging that is! In the last blog – I discussed the science behind porn addiction. I encourage you to go back and educate yourselfContinue reading “1 Thing You Can do to Finally Beat Pornography”